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Me & That Man

New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol.1 CD Book Album

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Release Date: 27/03/2020

Discs: 1

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"Run With The Devil”

ME AND THAT MAN, Adam Nergal Darski’s dark folk/blues solo project, has released a new single, “Run with the Devil“, featuring Jørgen Munkeby of Norwegian Blackjazz collective Shining. Munkeby’s distinctive vocals and soulful saxophone contributions weave throughout the foot-stomping blues-rock anthem’s upbeat tempo and indelible hook. Run with the Devil himself and join the black church!

“Burning Churches”

ME AND THAT MAN evokes a feeling of desert desolation with their new beautifully macabre single, “Burning Churches”. The Americana-influenced ode overwhelms with a haunting outlaw country atmosphere, enhanced by the compelling vocals of Mat McNerney of Finnish post-punk project Grave Pleasures. Lean back, put your boots up and sip on your finest glass of whiskey while getting lost in the smoke of “Burning Churches"

1. Run with the Devil
2. Coming Home
3. Burning Churches
4. By the River
5. Męstwo
6. Surrender
7. Deep Down South
8. Man of the Cross
9. You Will be Mine
10. How Come?
11. Confession